Jeremy Allen Garden Design


Jeremy Allen Garden Design provides a full-service and flexible garden design services for clients in Essex, Suffolk, London, East Anglia and South East England. For larger projects we are happy to consider any locations in the UK. We undertake design projects in both town and country where your budget may be large or small, employing landscape contractors or carrying out the work yourselves.

We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to fully interpret your aspirations and create gardens that both exploit the potential of the space and are tailored to your needs. A garden should also relate to and acknowledge its’ surrounding landscape and individual sense of place. It should complement and reflect the buildings’ architecture as well as meet the requirements of its’ owners.

Our work ranges from classical to contemporary with the common thread being simple, stylish design with a meticulous attention to detail. No two people want exactly the same garden and no two gardens are exactly the same. Our designs feature bold lines and a strong architectural framework which will provide year-round presence and a well defined composition within which to set off the planting. This necessitates the careful integration of structural elements and the use of local materials where appropriate. ¬†To counter balance the gardens’ framework we use soft, abundant and expansive planting. Planting in a naturalistic style is fundamental to our approach.

We believe that your garden should be treated with the same consideration as the design choices you make for your home such that your outdoor space becomes a natural extension of your living area. As such it needs to reflect and complement your interior tastes and meet your functional requirements. This may include children’s play areas, accommodating pets and making allowance for your maintenance capacity. We’ve yet to be asked to design a high maintenance garden!

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