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Process & Services

As no two projects are the same we provide a bespoke service that will meet the requirements of most clients. We offer a comprehensive garden design service which includes the development of a garden design concept, construction management, planting and plant sourcing. Or your project could be a more simple garden make over and re-plant – we are happy to undertake all projects large or small. We aim to deliver exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss to agreed timescales. And we will respect your budget.

A full scale garden consultancy project will involve the following elements, simpler schemes will include only those components that are required.

1. Consultation and Brief
This meeting represents a two-way discussion to ascertain your needs and desires, likes and dislikes and will lead to the formulation of a written project brief.

2. Site Survey and Appraisal
We will  accurately measure and photograph your garden and all its existing elements or in the case of larger projects a landscape survey undertaken by a surveyor will be required. We also undertake a site analysis which includes assessing elements such as soil type, shade areas, damp or dry conditions and frost pockets etc. This survey and analysis along with the agreed Brief will form the basis for all design work.

3. Concept Proposals
We develop presentation drawings to give you a visual understanding of how the finished project will look. This will include A3 mood boards to illustrate the design style, features, and materials. We can then answer any questions you may have and discuss changes to the concept.

4. Masterplan, Construction Drawings and Specifications
We then prepare drawings in sufficient detail to build and plant your garden. This will include a detailed masterplan and construction drawings and specifications where necessary. These will enable accurate quotations from contractors and ensure that your project is constructed to a high standard.

5. Planting Plan and Plant Supply
We prepare a detailed planting plan showing the placement and number of all chosen plant varieties. We also provide a presentation to give you a visual understanding of how the proposed planting will look and can discuss any changes if required. We can source all the plants for your project and normally supply these at a material saving to retail prices. We will then set the plants out correctly ready for planting.

6. Tender
Should your project be going out to tender quotations will be sought from up to three contractors. We will provide a set of construction drawings and specifications to the contractors and manage the tender process on your behalf.

7. Management
We can undertake regular visits to inspect and administer the contract on your behalf. We aim to ensure that the project remains on time and within budget and that construction and planting are completed as per plan and the finishes as specified.

Gardens grow, change and require on-going attention. We are happy to provide subsequent yearly or twice-yearly visits to review and offer advice on your garden and it’s establishment.

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